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11/2/15 Pops Indoor Progress Update

We are nearing completion of our mini ramp.  Approx 4' 10" height and 20 feet wide.  We have a day or 2 left finishing the top sheet and building out the deck. 


This is a current look at the street course.  Upon finishing the ramp our next move will be to build out the 6 stair, hubba, and rail.  This will be no easy task and all help is encouraged.  We are hoping to have this phase completes by December 1st and will be ready for our opening. 


Although the park will not be complete members will be able to start there membership December 1st,  you also have the option to not start until everything is completed.  That is up to you. 


Finalized Hours of Operation for Pops Indoor are as follows...

Monday & Tuesday:  Members only 10am-9pm. (No Drop Offs or Free Skate)

Wednesday: BMX Night 4pm-9pm $5

                      Members 10am-9pm (Members can still skate during BMX Night)

                                        Member Drop off 4pm-9pm.

Thursday: Members 10am-9pm

                 Free Skate / Drop Off $5 per person 4pm-9pm

                 18+ Mens League Session 9pm-Midnight ($5 non Members, Free Members)

Friday: Members 10am-9pm

            Free Skate/ Drop Off $5 Per Person 4pm-9pm

Saturday: Members 10am-9pm

                 Free Skate/ Drop off $5 4pm-9pm

Sunday: Members 10am-9pm

              Free Skate/ Drop off $5 4pm-9pm


So to sum that up everyday members are allowed to skate 10am-9pm.  Members that are not 18 are not allowed to be dropped off unless it is during our drop off hours. 

Our Free Skate is not Free it is $5, this is for non members.  Although members are still allowed to skate during these hours for no additional payment.  Free Skate/ Drop off hours are also for members who are not 18 yet that can get dropped off and we will have a responsible staff worker present to assure that your kid is safe.  Please have all kids picked up by 9pm, no later!

Thursday 9pm-Midnight is a late night for 18+. It is free for members or $5 for non members.

The +1 rule.  If you are a member and  your friend is not we will have waivers present at the park, it  is the members RESPONSIBILITY to take there +1's $5 fee and place it in designated spot (we will give you this information) along with filled out waiver.  Failure to do so will result in you being kicked out of the membership with no refund.  Please follow all rules to assure the longevity of the park.


Any other questions please contact me (Jerry) at 989-529-2899 or


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