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Pops Indoor Design Concept


Now that the demo of the miscellaneous rooms where the mini ramp will be is complete we whipped up a design of what we will be striving to achieve.   This is just a rough design and some things will change along the way.  But pretty awesome eh?  We kept in mind what everyone wanted and the 2 major things were stairs/rail, and the mini ramp.  We managed to incorporate both plus a small flow section including a pyramid which will have a hubba down the side as well a rail across.  A hubba will also be featured down the stairs. 

If you have any suggestions please contact us in person or submit ideas to


We are also looking for sponsors that would like there brand featured on the wall.  It is $250 for an entire year.   Think about all the members that will see the ad as well in videos and photos.  Well worth the money.  If you or someone you know would be interested in such please contact Jerry at


We are still seeking donations, all donations will go directly towards the build. Donate here.

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