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Pops Indoor Facility

Pops Indoor Full Length by DJ Vitu

  We had an awesome winter in our indoor facility.  We need your support to see another one.  Thank you.

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989 Crew / Pops Indoor

The 989 Crew has been making there presence known not just at the indoor but all around Michigan lately.  Check them out in this video as they tear up the Pops Indoor Facility.  Be sure to subscribe to them on Youtube for more.  Video: Alex Mctaggart Music: "Afternoon Freestyle" - Lil Bibby

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Jaymes Johnson live mural a Pops Indoor + Skatejam!

This Saturday Jaymes "Neph" Johnson will be painting the walls at indoor park.  If you have ever seen our America Flag wall at the shop, well this is the guy that did that.   We will also be playing music and hosting a skatejam as well.   Kick off the New Year right and stop on by.  The painting will start at 4pm.  Game of S..K.A.T.E on the bench will start at 5:30pm sponsored by Rip N Dip. $5 at the door to non members. Members feel free to donate but you are not required to pay.

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  Here is January's calendar for January.  We currently have 2 events planned.  January 2nd Jaymes Johnson will be doing a live mural, and we will be having a game of SKATE on the Bench as well sponsored by Rip N Dip.   January 23rd we willl be hosting a GAME OF SKATE on flat as well.   Wednesdays and Fridays are drop off sessions between 4-9pm for Bikes and Skateboards. $5 non members.   Sunday Funday Sessions on Sundays 3-7pm.  $5 non members   Saturday Drop off sessions 4-8pm. $5 non members.   Every other time is members only plus...

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Mad Pop Skateboards Best Trick at Pops Indoor!

Mad Pop Skateboards came and took over the indoor to throw a contest.  Some gnarly tricks went down.  Justin Richardson came out on top.  Josh Grillo and De'Quavious Gibson also placed!  You can now buy Mad Pop Skateboards at Pops Skateshop!   Video: Buddy Evans  

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